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Sushi Samba

Hospitality / Retail

eccentric restaurant | London
In collaboration with an Amsterdam based interior design studio, JUST DESIGN developed the interior for an eccentric restaurant in the center of London. Located in the Market Building in Covent garden, the restaurant is on the first floor. The restaurant’s entrance acts as a gate way into the vivid natural experience. The restaurants party glass covered roof gives an immediate connection with the sky. The restaurants aesthetic and expression of nature and culture makes it a unique place. The “living” ceiling installation above the bar features South American and Japanese plants emphasizing the quirky decor which is furthermore expressed via the lanterns framing the exposed kitchen and color combinations seen throughout the interior. All elements within the restaurant are imagined and created as unique individual pieces of art. Traditional natural materials such as mother of pearl, silverleaf, eggshell, parchment as well as selenite combined with modernized crafts such as liquidized metal and stucco walls create a unique synchronization of craftsmanship’s. The 128 seat dining room, 14 seats sushi bar, private dining room and large terrace overlook the Covent garden Piazza.